We bring principles, rules and regulations to life.

and vice versa.

What we do.

Bestpractice.world provides education solutions to companies or industries to demonstrate and measure individual participants are committed to adhere to rules and principles, and are aware relevant up-to-date market practices.

We bring rules, principles and best practices to life with a framework that raises industry standards and stimulates continuing professional development.
The problem
Scandals caused by behaviour across industries, organisations suffering from bad reputation, increasing costs of risk management, education and testing and demonstrating if market participants are compliant to rules and regulations, talented employees hesitant to commit to those industries or organisations affected, ...
The cause
The cause of the problem is complex. Lack of ownership and responsibility plays a big part. There are an increasing number of regulations to adhere to, and it is hard to keep track of them. Combined with this, a translation of these rules and regulations into a practical guide of day-to-day market practices does not yet exist.
The solution
An educational framework to demonstrate each individual in your organisation understands the obligation to adhere to, and is aware of the up-to-date relevant codes of conduct. Our solution encourages continuing professional development, includes performance management and provides smart technology to publish updates to codes of conduct, principles or policies.
There is now a real opportunity to demonstrate adherence to code of conduct

Example of our work.

customer: ACI The Financial Markets Association (ELAC.ACIFMA.COM)
ELAC-Portal - E-Learning, Attestation and Certification for the Wholesale Financial Markets
In the financial markets, nothing is more important than trust. The markets know that a major cultural switch in terms of ethical behavior is essential to restore faith in the markets. "There is evidence of deep-seated cultural and ethical failures at many large financial institutions." Bill Dudley, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York ().The sector recognizes that regulation alone will not restore faith in the markets. Instead, the markets and all its individuals need to develop and maintain proficiency in compliance on a continuous basis.
ACI The Financial Markets Association tasked Bestpractice.world to develop a continuing professional development programme, for Codes for the Financial Markets. Today, the developed ELAC-portal provides a one-stop-shop for E-Learning, Attestation and Certification of relevant Codes for Wholesale Financial Market Participants. Organisations from around the world are subscribed to ELAC and continuously train and certify their staff on the FX Global Code, the UK Money Markets Code, Global Precious Metals Code.
visit the ELAC-PORTAl for more information: https://ELAC.ACIFMA.COM

Who we are.

Bestpractice.world offers a range of educational services to improve our clients' knowledge needs. We are a company with strong roots in (online) learning. Founded in the Netherlands with a worldwide perspective, based on universal human principles.
Our professional team comprises leading learning consultants, software engineers, CMS & LMS experts, social media experts, project managers, visual design experts, and experienced sales and support staff. We are truly passionate about what we do and even more so about sharing our knowledge and ideas in co-creation with our clients.

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